Monday, April 09, 2007

Movie Preview: The Last Mimzy

Last week there were 3 movies reviewed that were different altogether.
Freedom Writers, Shooters and The Reaping are films of diverse genre from drama, action & suspense to horror & thriller.
This week the trend of differentiation continues, starting with The Last Mimzy.

Just what is The Last Mimzy?

Generally this is a movie for family and kids with elements of Sci-Fi and fantasy adventure.
It falls into the category of similar movies like the more recent Spy Kids franchise and Zoom, to the most famous, E.T.
The story in The Last Mimzy is adapted from acclaimed science fiction short story "Mimsy Were the Borogoves" by Lewis Padgett, written in 1943.

What's the plot?

The movie tells the story of two siblings who, after discovering a box of toys sent from the future, begin developing some remarkable talents -- terrifying and wonderful.
As their parents and teacher notice the kids' changed behavior, they all find themselves drawn into a unique world.

Interesting facts:

Mimzy is the name of the stuffed rabbit among the other toys sent from the future.
Interestingly the kids found the rabbit along with the box of toys over the Easter break.
The Last Mimzy opens on the 12th of April in Singapore, just after the Easter weekend.

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