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Movie Review: The Reaping

Ten Biblical Plagues, a former Christian missionary who lost faith in God and science vs religion.
These do make a good idea for a movie and what better than to have Hilary Swank in it.
To make things more interesting, the Ten Biblical Plagues actually led to the parting of the Red Sea and the Ten Commandments according to religion.
Incidentally The Reaping makes its opening day on the 5th of April which coincided with what is know as the last of the Ten Biblical Plague, "Death of the First Born", which occurred on April 2nd and is celebrated every year to commemorate the exodus of the Israelites from Egypt.

In The Reaping, former Christian missionary, Katherine (Hilary Swank) began the movie by dismissing 48 miracles or religious signs to logical scientific explanations.
Why would someone who formerly believed in God do that?

Just as it appears that miracles are nothing but unexplained and misunderstood happenings preying on the minds of men, a sign or a message appeared.
Was it for real or hoax?

Then a man from a religious small town came looking for Katherine seeking help.
A boy died and their river turned red.
Could it be the beginning of another Ten Biblical Plagues?
And who is the mysterious little girl involved in all these?

Supernatural, horror, suspense and thriller make up The Reaping.
In typical genre fashion, we follow Katherine (Hilary Swank) to uncover what is really going on.
Could science overcome religion this time?
As the story unfolds with religious references, scientific assumptions and the plagues happening one by one, it became a situational mental tug-of-war.
Katherine’s beliefs are challenged.

Fans of the genre will either like or dislike movie like this.
It’s hard to come to an in between conclusion, although it is usually what this sort of film wants, personal discretion.
It is best to have an open mind to expect the unexpected and not to be too smart by focusing your attention to your assumptions instead.
Waiting for that one gruesome scene?
Waiting for a really scary moment?
Or waiting for one breakthrough surprising moment?

Be careful of where those intentions lie, for you may just miss the plot too early too soon.
The Reaping actually scores low on the scare factor although it has elements of horror through some louder scenes and clever camera tricks.
What it does instead is to challenge your beliefs since it is religiously themed.
The story follows Katherine so be Katherine.
You have a choice of either debunking what you see with critical analysis or let the story takes you where it wants you to go with what it wants you to see.
That is how a supernatural, horror, suspense, thriller works.

This movie probably won’t blow your mind away but it is enjoyable.
The cast is good with Hilary Swank as the lead, AnnaSophia Robb is the mysterious girl, David Morrissey’s role is convincing, and Idris Elba and Stephen Rea did sufficiently well in support.
Director Stephen Hopkins could have made this film more spectacular and lengthen the 90 minutes though.
Catch the film late at night for it adds to the experience.

Overall, The Reaping is interesting but where your own interest lies otherwise is totally up to your beliefs, as what to this movie speaks.

After all, you reap what you sow. Be warned.

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