Monday, April 30, 2007

Movie Preview: Spider-Man 3

Spider-Man is well... Spider-Man.
What kind of introduction does it need?

This is the third movie from the franchise.
The main casts and the director remains unchanged.
What's different then?
The storyline and the villains of course.

"With great power comes great responsibility", and more enemies.

In this latest installment, Spidey will battle not one, not two but three villains.
They are the New Goblin, Sandman and Venom.
How dangerous are they?
Let's take a look.

Real name: Harry Osborn

1. Superhuman strength and speed
2. Accelerated healing factor
3. Armored costume
4. Goblin Glider
5. Projection of electronic sparks from gloves
6. Pumpkin Bombs
7. Hallucinogenic, ghost-like grenades
8. Razor-sharp, flying bats

Following in his father's footsteps, Harry Osborn (James Franco) took over the role of the Green Goblin.
Once Peter Parker's best friend, Harry Osborn blames Spider-Man for his father's death.
With his father, the Green Goblin's weapons, Harry vows revenge over Spider-Man and is now known as the New Goblin.

Real name: Flint Marko

1. Ability to transform any part of his body into a sand-like substance
2. Can alter his size and mass by incorporating nearby sand
3. Superhuman strength

Sandman is Flint Marko (Thomas Haden Church), the real murderer of Peter Parker's Uncle Ben.
Exposed to a radiation blast while hiding from the police, Flint Marko awakens to find himself capable of transforming his body into sand-like form.
Chasing after his uncle's murderer, Spider-Man would find himself battling another powerful enemy.

Real name: Eddie Brock

1. Superhuman strength and agility
2. Negation of Spider-Man’s spider-sense
3. Can shoot webs, cling to walls and mimic any individual’s appearance of similar or greater size.

Venom is actually the Symbiote alien life form that attaches itself to a host like a parasite.
Once attached it would take over its host slowly while at the same time giving its host amazing abilities.
First finding its way onto Spider-Man (which explains why our hero dons a black suit), giving him an evil side, Spidey was able to rid of it before it finds its way onto Eddie Brock (Topher Grace), a photo journalist and colleague of Peter Parker, thus the creation of Venom from Eddie Brock's venomous dark consciousness.
Venom is extremely dangerous to Spider-Man because it had knowledge of its ex-host's powers and secrets.
The battle between the two should be Spider-Man 3's climax.

So we have three villains in Spider-Man 3 but the real villain could be within Spider-Man himself.

Could a man confront the forces of darkness without giving in to them?
That answer exist in Spider-Man 3.

And of course no one can fight the forces of darkness without love.

The beautiful Mary Jane Watson (Kirsten Dunst).

We should all be Superheroes any day of the week.. without the villains.
Watch this space for the review of Spider-Man 3.