Sunday, May 20, 2007

Crazy, Mad and Psycho me

Is watching 3 movies in a day considered crazy?
If it is then I'm crazy.
Add that I watched one of the three movies for a second time, would that be madness?
How about including that the movie which I saw for a second time is 28 Weeks Later, a movie full of bloody scenes.
Does that make me psycho?

I thoroughly enjoyed 28 Weeks Later.
The impact of the scenes from the movie absolutely captured my full attention.
The soundtrack amplified the emotions of the film.
The aerial views of Britain are amazingly beautiful.
And I love the cinematography.

Be it considered violence, art, or entertainment, 28 Weeks Later left a huge impression on me.
So much so that I borrowed a book titled "Screen Violence" just to find out more about the impact and influence that violence in movies can have on us, the audience.
I've not finished reading it but what makes sense so far is this quote from one of the acclaimed director of films with plenty of violence, Quentin Tarantino, "violence is simply one of the things that you can do in cinema that's interesting to watch'.
(Quentin Tarantino's films include Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill Vol.1 and 2 to the more recent Grindhouse.)

One thing that everyone should at least try to understand about screen violence can be described best in the words of director Jean-Luc Godard, who was voted 31st Greatest Director of all time by Entertainment Weekly.
When asked by a critic on why there was so much blood in Pierrot Le Fou, he replied, 'That's not blood, that's red.'

Discretion is absolutely vital.
Parental guidance is equally important to young people.
If we do not comprehend Reel and Real, the effects can be disastrous.
The killings at Virginia Tech is an example of such.
It was speculated that the teenage killer was inspired by film.
Further reading at this post from Libertas:
Virginia Tech Killer Inspired By Film?

My friend commented that 28 Weeks Later is "disturbing" to him.
I have to accept. Not everyone can stomach screen violence with a full appetite.

I've mentioned I watched three movies.
The other two that I've watched are Blades of Glory and Next.
As much as I've enjoyed the violence in 28 Weeks Later, Blades of Glory had me laughing with its provocative ice-skating humor and Next gave me intrigue and plenty of thrills.
Nicolas Cage is cool as always.
And always I'll be loving seeing Jessica Biel on screen.

Seems like I'm really crazy, mad and yes... psycho. Ha!