Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Summer of Destiny

des-ti-ny -noun
The inevitable or necessary fate to which a particular person or thing is destined; one's lot.

Is destiny good or bad? Who knows?
What does it mean to fulfill one's destiny?

And do we really want it?
Or do we have a choice?

Some movies coming up this June could help answer those questions.

First up we have Po the Panda (voiced by Jack Black) in Kung Fu Panda who's the laziest animal at The Valley of Peace, but when adversity strikes, he found himself the unlikely hero to fulfill an ancient prophecy.
Kung Fu Panda trailer

Next there is The Incredible Hulk.
He's Bruce Banner (Edward Norton), a brilliant doctor who's exposed to radiation that turns him into an uncontrollable dangerous green beast of massive destruction.

With New York City in danger can he come to terms with the very destiny he's running from and become the city's savior?

The Incredible Hulk trailer

Based on 1960's popular spy comedy Get Smart, Maxwell Smart (Steve Carell) is an analyst for U.S. spy agency CONTROL, whose dream came true when he gets promoted to Agent status but only because CONTROL has no other choice when all other agents had been killed.

Is he destined to be an agent or is it just a bad mistake?

Get Smart trailer

Wanted is a story about Wesley Gibson (James McAvoy), an unhappy young man whose life changed after his long lost assassin father is murdered.
After being approached by a mysterious woman named Fox (Angelina Jolie), he discovers that he possesses special powers that enable him to become a deadly assassin.

But is killing his destiny of choice?

Wanted trailer

Lastly and possibly the best of all we have WALL-E (Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth Class), a rubbish clearing robot left behind on earth by the humans.
After 700 years of doing the same thing he discovers a new purpose when Eve, an advanced robot sent by the humans appears.

Will this new purpose lead him to his very destiny?

WALL-E trailer

may find you.

may elude you.

You may try to search for it.

You may try to hide from it.

And in the end Destiny will reveal itself in time...

"A man does whatever he can until his destiny is revealed to him."
- The Last Samurai

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