Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Wall-E and me

It took me awhile but I finally got to see Wall-E.
This cute robot character created by Pixar and Disney who exuded a sense of charismatic innocence has been conscientiously cleaning up Earth left by the humans in the movie, and building up an interesting landscape in the barren land of animation, and in my mind.

It is admirable how real Pixar made Wall-E out to be.
His movements, behavior and curiosity, combined with the best technology in 3D rendering brought this nifty little robot to life.
He was so real that one couldn’t help but feel for him, his emotions, and his beliefs.

Believe it or not, this animated robot has beliefs.
He believed in protecting Earth, he believed in EVE, and he believed that his little existence is nothing as compared to the larger world he’s in.
He does his best in every situation, putting his best foot (or track) forward, showing his warmth towards others without even realizing that he has made others feel good about themselves.
He brought others into consciousness, especially the humans who were unaware of each other and even themselves.

Wall-E the movie has the right feel right from the start, introducing Wall-E and his life.
If only the plot was thicker, and not shallow down towards having the pathetic humans going back to a place they call home, Earth.
How undeserving of the humans I felt.
If only they had seen it coming.
If only they have much more respect for Earth.
If only they treasure it more, just like how Wall-E treasures the things he found, the friends he made and the tasks he do.

To cater to cheap laughs, the depiction of foolish humans has to be added.
I wonder if it would be better to make humans more like brain dead humanoids.
The contrast would have been provoking.
Imagine a world where robots are humane and humans are robotic.

In a robotic environment, everything is structured, this has its advantages.
Why? Because everything goes according to plan, effortless and flawless.
When humans meddle, we screw up.
Believe it or not, even Earth and nature itself is structured.
There is always a way to maintain balance even when it is inhabited with the biggest virus of all, us.
Would the world without us be a place much more pleasant and green?
I would think so.
But we have not the ship now that would take us far into space to let Earth recuperate.
What can we do then?

I have a suggestion. Be like Wall-E.

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Miedy said...

Can't believe that I missed that one. I'd probably prefer without the human existence at all on this movie, but I don't mind it as much as you I think ;) Still, I think this is the best movie this year I've seen so far.