Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Movie Preview: Freedom Writers & The Reaping

This week we look at two movies that have similarities as well as differences,
Freedom Writers and The Reaping.
What's the same? Academy Award Winner, Hilary Swank stars in both movies.
What's different? Two totally different genres. Freedom Writers is classified as drama and is based on a true story while The Reaping is horror, suspense, supernatural and thriller.

Freedom Writers is about a young teacher who inspires her class of at-risk students to learn tolerance, apply themselves, and pursue education beyond high school.
This is a real life event.
The Freedom Writers Foundation can be found here:

The Reaping is about a former Christian missionary, who specializes in debunking religious phenomena, investigates a small town which seems to be suffering from the 10 biblical plagues.

Freedom Writers has already been released in USA, UK, Mexico, Kuwait, Netherlands, Turkey, Belgium, France, Australia and Singapore.
It will open in Germany 05042007, Austria 06042007, Spain 11052007, Denmark 16052007, Malaysia 17052007, Brazil, Norway, Sweden 18052007 and Argentina 31052007.

The Reaping will be opening worldwide from 04042007.
More release dates here:

Who is Hilary Swank?
Hilary Swank won the Academy Award twice for Best Actress,
first for her role as a transgender man in Boys Don't Cry (1999) and a second as a struggling waitress turned boxer in Million Dollar Baby (2004).

Do you remember her as the first female protégé of Mr Miyagi in The Next Karate Kid (1994)?
And do you also know that she only made $75 per day when she filmed Boys Don't Cry and just $3000 total for her efforts? Unbelievable.

She most recently received a star on Hollywood Walk of Fame on 8th January 2007.
A dream came true.

Stay tuned to Andy and the DreamSeeker (Movie & Dreams) this week for the review of Freedom Writers and The Reaping.